10 Signs Your Home May Be an Easy Target for Burglars

It’s a shock to find your home has been the site of a break-in. You may be even more shocked to find that right now, you’re offering an open invitation to burglars. Read on to spot 10 surprising “burgle-me” signs around your property — then let security masters ADT  help you fend off unwanted “guests.”

1) Your landscaping is lush, green and tall. Beautiful! Just what your not-so-friendly neighbourhood burglar needs to hide his attempts to get in. Where possible, keep shrubs trimmed near entrances and windows so they can be seen from the street. Add ADT video surveillance services to your home security so you can keep an eye on your home from your smart phone or tablet when you’re away.

2)  Like most of us, you work during the day and are home at night. You may be startled to learn that most break-ins happen during the day. Protect yourself with 24-hour home security system monitoring from ADT.

3) Your outdoor lights operate with a switch or a timer. The former is no deterrent, while the latter is too predictable (burglars will often study your lights to learn their patterns). Select motion-           sensitive lights to scare off intruders.

4) You have an electric garage-door opener. So, how would you know if a burglar forced it open? Are you sure you pushed the button as you drove off to work? The ADT Garage Door Controller® lets you check the status of your door remotely, and alerts you when the door is opened or the keypad experiences tampering. Better still: it works with your existing garage door opener.

5) Your house has side or rear entrances. Convenient, to be sure, but also convenient for burglars, who always take the less-visible option for breaking in. Resist the urge to leave seemingly “private” back doors unlocked. Keep all your doors protected with ADT Home Security Systems.

6) The first floor of your house has large windows — great for the view and fresh air, but also great for the thief who has easy entry in mind.

7) You live in a lovely home with the latest electronic conveniences. You deserve no less — but it’s appealing to burglars, too. ADT Interactive Services is a smart-home solution combining wireless security, home automation and video surveillance in a single, convenient system.

8) You enjoy a weekly brunch with friends. But the thief who’s noticed your habit is at your front door, making sure you’re gone before he breaks in. Fool him with an ADT Wifi Doorbell Camera , which lets you see and speak to visitors no matter where in the world you are.

9) You keep your alarm system a secret. Sorry, but the element of surprise won’t help you. A prominent sign letting burglars know your home is protected is just the ticket to get them to skedaddle, or avoid you altogether.

10) No alarm system? Isn’t it time you protected your home? Whatever your needs, ADT has a security system that’s right for you. Let thieves know your home is your castle — and that they’re not getting in.

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