10 Tips for Making Moving a Breeze

Moving is one of the most stressful life events a person can go through. You’re dealing with the emotions of leaving a home, and the uncertainty of creating a new one. The last thing you need on top of all of that is the chaos and stress of loading, moving and unpacking boxes. To ease you through this hair-pulling process, follow these helpful 10 steps to make moving a breeze.

1. Start Planning Well in Advance

Some things have to be packed the day of the move — but 99 per cent of your stuff doesn’t. Avoid last-minute stress by planning early. Book your rental truck in advance, too! At Discount Car and Truck Rental, you can easily browse trucks and book online.

2. Create a “Give-Away” Box

As you pack, start a dedicated box for anything you come across that you don’t want to keep. Decide where each box will go (family/friends, charity, and consignment shop) and plan to deliver those boxes one week before your actual move. You can also create a box of items to sell — well in advance.

3. Pick the Right Size Truck

An undersized truck will result in multiple trips or difficult choices. Discount’s wide variety of truck sizes and capacities makes it easy to find the one that fits your needs. Moving a king size mattress? Which truck will you need? The friendly staff at Discount can help answer that!

4. Mark an “Open Me First” Box to Pack Last

Use bright-colored tape or markers to flag your essentials and let this box be the last one in the truck. You’ll have everything you need on that first night in the new digs.

5. Photograph Your Electronics Connections Before You Disassemble

Whip out that smartphone. A quick pic now will save hours of head-scratching later.

6. Use Professional Moving Materials

Same-sized moving boxes or plastic containers let you fit a lot more into your moving truck. Containers with lids or new, high-quality moving boxes mean your bowling trophies arrive intact — no gutter balls from an old collapsed shipping box. Your grandmother’s china will ride a lot more gracefully in bubble wrap than old newspaper. You can find everything you need to move (boxes, tape, mattress covers, dollies and more) at select Discount locations.

7. Label Each Box’s Contents AND Destination Room

You’ll be amazed at how much faster your move goes. Unpacking, too!

8. Use Small or Medium Boxes for Books and Other Heavy Items

Regardless of your workout routine, we guarantee boxes will seem heavier on moving day, when you have to move several dozen or more. If you must place books in a large box, never allow more than half-capacity for these heavy items, then top it off with light stuff — otherwise, the boxes might prove un-liftable and can cause back injury.

9. Take “After-and-Before” Shots

Moving out of a rental? Photograph all the rooms once they’re empty and clean. Then, take photos of the new place before it’s full of boxes, in case you spot problems or flaws and need proof they predate you.

10. Choose Your Rental Company with Care

Discount Car and Truck Rentals focuses on customer service and offers a high-quality truck fleet to make sure your rental experience is a positive one.

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