11 Things You Never Knew Your Smart Home Security System Could Do

You count on your home security system to protect your family — but with a smart choice from ADT, that same system can organize your family, and make life way more efficient.

Monitor for Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Of course, your security system keeps an eye out for burglars 24/7. With ADT, you’ll also be notified of alarms in your fire or carbon monoxide detectors — even while you’re away.

Screen Visitors

Is that doorbell chime signaling a package delivery, a salesman, a neighbour — or a prospective thief? With ADT’s Interactive Services, you can check who’s at the door and decide whether or not to answer it.

Protect Against Floods

ADT sends alerts about household water leaks to your mobile device, so you can react fast, no matter how far from home you are.

Adjust Lights and Thermostats

Come home to a warm, well-lit house without wasting energy or using telltale timers. Just use your phone to preheat the house as you’re leaving work, or turn on lights before you open your front door. You can even create rules so that your home heating or lights turn on when the geo-localization of your smart phone is detected!

Check Weather, Traffic and News

Yes, really! Use your ADT interactive touchscreen to check weather and traffic as you’re running out the door in the morning.

Easily Control Additional Appliances and Lights

ADT’s Interactive Services lets you personalize your home’s system to be a truly comprehensive “Smart Home.”

Let (Only) Your Housekeeper in While You’re at Work

ADT lets you set up a recurring event, such as unlocking the door to let the housekeeper in on Tuesdays at 10 am. Your home security system is now your butler!

Look Beautiful in Your Home

The Qolsys panel offered by ADT isn’t the bulky, ugly boxes of old — they’re elegant and low-profile. ADT believes smart homes should be as beautiful as they are convenient.

Talk to Visitors from Miles Away

With an ADT -fi doorbell, speak to the person on your doorstep without them realizing you’re not at home.

Arm/Disarm Remotely

You’ve got longer arms than you think. With ADT’s Interactive Services, turn your system on/off quickly from your web-enabled cell phone or computer.

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