20 Things You Didn’t Know About Brian McCourt

Growing up, Brian had an obsession with real estate and by the age of 25 he had successfully flipped 7 properties. His skill-set, knowledge of building and creative mind makes him a true asset to the Home to Win team. Read on to find out more about Brian McCourt!

1. What was your first job? My first job was delivering newspapers in the wee hours of the morning at the age of nine, but I was taking out the trash when I was five.

2. What’s your dream vacation? My dream vacation would be to backpack around Australia and take some surf lessons along the way.

3. What’s your hidden talent? I’m a pretty good athlete and played just about every sport growing up, but my claim to fame is landing a back-flip.

4. Do you have siblings? If so, how many? Yes, I have four brothers and two sisters; seven kids within nine years and yes… my parents were busy!

5. Cats or dogs? I love both but I have to go with dogs, especially my dog Malick. I thought he was a lab, but when I brought him home he never grew. He’s kind of a forever puppy and he’s the best cuddler. Dog lover to the max.

Bryan Baeumler definitely has the best hair. Very consistent, full of shine and no split ends.

6. What’s a movie you can watch over and over again? Bridesmaids makes me laugh every time! Pretty much any movie with Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy – total fan of hilarious women.

7. What’s your favourite ’90s jam/band or artist? I love a good singer/songwriter and I have a thing for female vocals, Alanis was killing it back in the day and Jewel made me feel fuzzy on rainy days.

8. How did you feel the first day of your first time shooting for your show? I was 80% anxious and/or excited and 20% confused. It was a complete change of pace for me and I felt guilty for taking time away from doing the work so that I could tell the camera what was happening. I had to learn how to balance the work with the filming.

9. If you could have any career, what would you do? My dream job is to run my own furniture and home renovation product company. Catering to the shrinking footprint trend and green living.

10. What’s a guilty pleasure that would surprise your fans? Chocolate eating marathon… Zero self control when it comes to chocolate and caramel.

11. What’s your favourite season and why? My favourite season is spring because the days get longer, and it almost feels like you’re on vacation when we get the first run of nice weather after winter.

12. What’s your favourite way to relax? Netflix and Candy.

13. Least favourite trend in design? I just can’t hop on board with the bold floral wallpapers. They were a mistake in the ’80s and they are a mistake now.

14. Biggest mistake you see in homes? I think the biggest mistake I see in homes today is when four different types of materials are used on the facade of a house. I find it looks messy and disjointed.

15. Next big trend in home design? I think the next big trend will be removable walls made of interlocking bricks. Similar to a life-sized Lego trend — it’s already starting!

16. Favourite tradition at home? Playing the ukulele and singing old Irish songs with my whole family.

17. Favourite part of the holiday season? Definitely spending time with my family and my moms cooking. “Hi mom!”

18. Who’s your HGTV celebrity crush? Dave and Kortney Wilson. Man, they make me laugh on Masters of Flip.

19. Who has the best hair on HGTV? Bryan Baeumler definitely has the best hair. Very consistent, full of shine and no split ends.

20. What’s the hardest part of days on set? When the makeup artist pokes under your eyes with makeup. I can’t believe people do that everyday, voluntarily.

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