5 Things to Consider Before Building a Deck from Scratch

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a backyard barbecue on the gorgeous deck of a friend has, in all likelihood, experienced a serious case of design envy. The good news? It’s never too late to create your own enviable outdoor retreat. If you’re ready to build the deck of your dreams this summer, here are five key elements to keep in mind:

  1. Determine Materials, Size and Shape

In order to build a beautiful deck, it’s important to start with a thorough plan. For example: Is it a new deck, or will it be built atop an existing substructure? Do you envision multiple exits and entrances? Will it be angular or curved in shape?

The most important decision you’ll make at this stage is figuring out which decking materials best suit your home and local climate conditions. If you prefer a low-maintenance deck (because who doesn’t?) consider Trex® composite decking. The revolutionary product combines recycled wood and plastic film to create a material that boasts the look and feel of natural wood with none of the hassle. Guaranteed not to rot, warp or splinter, Trex decking will never fade or stain and even resists damage from wood-munching insects. Once it’s installed, the only maintenance required is an occasional scrub using soap and water.

  1. Invest in a Substructure

While selecting the right decking material is crucial, the same holds true for what’s beneath the deck. A substructure made from wood can easily split, warp and shift over time, resulting in an uneven surface that undoes all the hard work that went into building it. An ideal solution? Trex Elevations®, a stable system crafted from triple-coated steel beams, joists and tracks. The product provides a consistently stronger, straighter and greener substructure than wood. In addition, you’ll never have to worry about termites and rot!

  1. Select Your Decking

Now it’s time to choose the colour and design that best suit your needs. Trex decking offers a variety of options in an array of hues and styles. If you’re looking for a material that perfectly mimics the look and feel of tropical hardwood – let’s just say the company has you covered.

  1. Choose Your Railing

More often than not, the railing is the first thing people notice about a deck. It’s an important design element that sets the tone for the look you want to achieve. From modern and minimalist to classic post-and-baluster, there are plenty of railing options to decide between. Mix-and-match with different decking styles and hues until you can envision an outdoor space that showcases your own unique style.

  1. Add the Extras

Once your deck is complete, there are additional details to keep in mind, such as lighting, furniture, fascias, storage, stairs and more. Trex is a one-stop decking solution that offers outdoor furniture that’s as durable as the deck it will adorn. Trex also offers its innovative RainEscape® under-deck drainage system, a variety of staircase options, pergolas, fascias, outdoor lighting and even outdoor kitchens. The possibilities are limitless!

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