7 Critical Safety Features Your Family Home May Be Missing

You lock your door. You place safety gates around your pool. You install smoke detectors — even a burglar alarm. But you’re not doing everything you can to protect your family. Fear not: ADT  has solutions to fulfill every crucial safety need you may not have thought of.

Monitored Security System

You’ve got sensors on all your doors and windows, and your alarm is plenty loud — all set, right? Not unless that alarm is tied into a monitoring service with 24/7 response. With ADT monitoring, your home is protected around the clock.

Water and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Most homeowners have fire alarms — but do you check for carbon monoxide, a silent killer? Water-leak detection helps stop damage early, also preventing risk to pets and children. ADT can monitor all three alarms and alert you via cell phone no matter where you are.

A Wireless Doorbell Camera

Don’t answer that door! ADT lets you see who’s at your front door first. If you’re away, answer and speak to your visitor via your cell phone without them ever being the wiser.

Recorded Video Surveillance

Improve your peace of mind with ADT video surveillance. Record video of anyone who enters or moves around in your house. If your vacation pet sitter — or your babysitter — lets anyone unexpected into your house, you’ll see them.

Low-Temperature Monitors

If your heating goes out in winter, get an alert before your pipes have a chance to freeze — and before an older family member can be adversely impacted.

Heat Sensors

ADT temperature sensors can alert you of many home-related problems that can threaten your family, including fire. Think you’re protected because you have smoke detectors? In areas like a crawlspace or a kitchen, where smoke detectors are impractical, heat detection will pick up the rapid rise in heat and signal you immediately.

Security Guard Alarm Response

Rather than respond to an alarm yourself and risk interrupting an intruder, have ADT dispatch a trained, professional security guard to check out your property and make sure all is well. On vacation? Relax: ADT guards will handle any alarms promptly and keep you informed in real time.

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