8 Essentials Every Guest Bedroom Should Have

Give your guests a visit they’ll never forget with these guest bedroom must haves that go the extra mile.

Whether you’re hosting out of town guests regularly, or just want to be prepared in case someone drops by, turn your guest room into a retreat to rival the most luxurious hotels. It’s more than just great design (although, that never hurts—just look at the stunning Home to Win guest bedroom); it’s the little details that will make your guests comfortable and relaxed in your home.

Sweet Dreams

Beautiful drapes are one thing, but for a great night’s sleep blackout blinds are essential. We often overlook guest rooms when it comes to specialty blinds but it’s a grave mistake if you want your guests to feel rested and relaxed in your home. Blackout blinds out of the budget? A cute sleep mask left by the bed will be greatly appreciated.

“It’s the little details that will make your guests comfortable and relaxed in your home.”

Material World

Bedding counts. Buy the highest thread-count bedding you can afford, and get a set for your own bedroom. It’ll keep you and your guests cooler and more comfortable. Soft pillows and cozy blankets will add to the luxurious experience. We suggest actually spending a night in your own guest bedroom. You’ll learn things about the room you might not have noticed, like how squeaky the bed frame’s become, or a drafty window.

Bedside Manners

A carafe of fresh water and a glass next to the bed will keep your guest hydrated, which is key to feeling well rested and alert. A soft rug next to the bed is a cozy welcome for their feet in the morning. You can also provide slippers and a robe, so they can stay wrapped in comfort all through the morning.


Ever packed in a hurry and forgotten your toothbrush? The best hotels provide forgotten toiletries and essentials, and so should you. Fill a basket with toothbrushes, antacids, shampoo and soaps—anything your guests might need. Throw in a few Band-Aids and pain killers, just in case.

The Unmentionables

Stock your guest bathroom with extra toilet paper, matches and a plunger so your guest doesn’t have to ask for anything should they find themselves in an embarrassing position.

Little Luxuries

Candles, candies, your favourite books or magazines by the bed will make your guest feel really pampered.

Welcome Package

Put together a little package for your guests that include your Wi-Fi password, TV or technology instructions and key phone numbers. And don’t forget to include a list of your favourite spots in the city and a map so your guests can explore your town with confidence.

Night Caps

Your guests might want to unwind before hopping into bed, so ensure you’re well stocked with a few popular bevvies. Small bottles of whisky, a mini bottle of wine or sleepy-time teas that will help your guests relax before bed. But keep the bottles small: you want your guests to check out eventually, after all!

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