And the winner is…

We had the chance to chat with Heiber Mina, from Surrey, B.C. after he won this new dream home for him and his family. He tells us what his favourite room in the house is, how he felt going into the challenges and what it took to win it all.

1. Were you surprised when you were contacted to be a competitor on Home to Win?
Of course, that was an amazing surprise. Only three Canadians would be competing for the home so the chance to be one of them was very little. It was an indescribable moment.

2. How did you feel seeing the home for the first time? How did your family feel?
That was a great feeling for my family and I. It was like a dream come true because the week before we were watching the show at home and desiring to be there, walking through the house and touching everything and we did it. That’s priceless.

“It represents a new life, a new beginning, new opportunities.”

3. How were you feeling after the 1st and 2nd challenges were completed? Were you nervous going into the next day, with the 3rd challenge?
I was very nervous and anxious. After the first challenge I felt strong and confident but the second challenge was devastating for me. I felt weak not knowing what kind of challenge would be next and that the other competitor had extra help.

4. How were you feeling when you heard that you had 2 ½ hours to complete the design a wall challenge?
I felt better. Two and a half hours is a good time for any challenge. Managing the time wisely and also working on a wall wasn’t new for me as I worked in a painting company for over two years when I just came to Canada.

5. You seemed so calm and collected during the 2 ½ hours, were you nervous or just trying to get through it as fast as possible, but making sure you took time to get it right?
Both, I was nervous as I didn’t know how the other competitor was doing. I was focused on my wall and trying to use the time wisely and taking care of every single detail because in the end that would make the difference.

6. What do you love most about the home? What do your kids love most about the home?
I love everything in this home. Every room is so beautiful and impeccable, and there’s a nice view from every angle of the house, it’s so quiet and private and it has a lot of trees; this is a unique property. My kids love the kid’s room and the kid’s playroom but they love the whole property too. We are very excited.

7. What are your favourite HGTV Canada shows?
Home to Win, Leave it to Bryan, Income Property, Holmes Makes it Right, Home Free.

8. What’s the first thing you plan to do, now that you have won?
Wow… I am still in shock. We are thinking of the possibility to use it as a vacation home and rent it out the rest of the time to make an extra income that we really need right now.

9. What was your favourite room makeover from the show?
The great room. It has a magnificent view and a priceless impression when first stepping into the house with that rustic and country style but also very modern. I love it.

10. What does this home represent to you?
It represents a new life, a new beginning, new opportunities. It represents having roots here in Canada, as an immigrant this is more than a dream, it is a heritage that I can pass on for the next generations.

Thank you CANADA.

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