Find Out What Bryan and Sarah Baeumler Love Most About The Season 3 House

Calling all HGTV Canada fans: the third season of Home to Win is just around the corner. On Sunday, April 29th at 10PM E/P your favourite builders and designers will come together to design a dream home for one first time home buyer. We had the opportunity to chat with Bryan and Sarah Baeumler about this season’s house, which sounds like the most exciting renovation to date. Read on to find out why.

Let’s start with a fill in the blank. This season of Home to Win is ____. 
Sarah: Epic.
Bryan: Do we have to agree on one word? I’ll say amazing.

What’s the craziest thing that happened on set this season?
Bryan: BATS, and wasps. A lot of wildlife.
Sarah: Creepy critters.
Bryan: Viewers with arachnophobia will love this season.

What do you love about this season’s house?
Bryan: I love that it’s in a serene location. It’s aspirational because it’s not a cookie-cutter property, it’s not a house you’re going to get in a normal community.
Sarah: This season’s house is unique in its original design and architecture. I think it probably challenged everybody a little bit more because it wasn’t this sort of designated room, especially upstairs, everything didn’t already have its role or its place. It really had to be thoughtfully created, we had to work more together to make sure that it was cohesive.
Bryan: It’s old but it’s modern. It was a weird house, but we fixed it!
Sarah: Now it’s a great house, epic as I would say.

What part of the house had the most notable transformation?
Bryan: The exterior. The house was pretty bland and dated.
Sarah: I would agree with Bryan from the exterior perspective. I think now when you pull up to the home…. it feels like a properly designed home.

Pictured above: Bryan and Scott discuss potential properties for Home to Win season 3. 

Bryan, you and Scott McGillivray scouted three different potential properties for this season’s home, what made you land on this one?
Bryan: This was the right property. It had the right feel, the right bones, it had the potential to become something that people would love to live in. We found a gem and we grabbed it.

Sarah, what’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about Bryan while working and filming together?
Sarah: That’s a good question.
Bryan: Maybe how strong I am? How much work it actually takes?
Sarah: I’m surprised by how much I’ve learned from Bryan, he’s starting to rub off on me. I find myself saying things and making decisions that I would not have made five or 10 years ago.
Bryan: She steals all my lines now. Steals my thunder.

Pictured above: The Baeumlers have family time in their backyard. 

Viewers love watching special behind-the-scenes moments with your family, featured in our b-team videos. What’s the next adventure planned for your family?
Bryan: I think you’ll see some sunshine and warm ocean in our future. Our kids are living and learning in a new environment now, and loving it. I think people like to see that because it’s real, we are just people doing things. I hope it inspires somebody one day to say, ‘You know what? I’m off the hamster wheel, and I’m going to go for it’.
Sarah: We’re doing what everyone talks about, but nobody really knows how or has the guts to do it. We are just jumping in and the kids are coming along. They’ve left their schedules behind, their school, their friends, their activities, and they’re really just taking a break and just observing the world for what it is.
Bryan: I think the great thing about this and the great thing about Bryan Inc, and the House of Bryan series is that this is what we’re doing. We’re not doing this to make a television show. We’re doing this, and we’ve invited our own production team to come along and document it.

In case you haven’t heard the news, Bryan and Sarah and packing the family up and moving to the Bahamas to renovate an abandoned resort. Get the full details here!

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