DIY Holiday Wreaths with Sebastian Clovis

If you’re looking to make some fresh and fun holiday wreaths for your home, we’ve got the perfect DIY option for you.

Here’s what you’re going to need for your holiday wreaths:

  • Decorative wreath base
  • Fresh cedar
  • Assorted tree picks
  • Dried glitter flowers
  • Colourful berries
  • Gold pinecones (Note: You can get creative with the decorations you choose to use. Have fun with it!)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Flower wire (if needed)
  • Branch pruners

Step One: Find the Base
The first thing you’re going to need is a base for the wreath. You can find these at any local craft store in your area during the holiday season. They always have a variety of sizes, textures and materials to choose from to ensure you create the perfect wreath for your space. Not to mention, they are relatively inexpensive, so you have the opportunity to get a couple and experiment.

Step Two: Decorations
Now that we have the base, all we need to do is decorate. But where do we start? Honestly, wherever your heart tells you to put something, just go ahead and place it there! It’s that easy.

Step Three: Dry-Fit the Look
What I suggest doing is dry-fitting all your pieces onto your wreath first. This allows you to see if you like the arrangement and make necessary changes as needed. Since we aren’t gluing anything down yet, this is the time to play, get creative and have fun!

For my wreath, I’m going to start by placing a few fresh cedar bows onto the base as the foundation. Then I’m going to use some gold flowers to decorate in between the cedar. The green and the gold play really well together. Then I’m going to add a pine cone to each gold leaf grouping to add texture.

To me, it feels like we need to add another little pop of colour. I have a bowl full of berries that will do the trick. They don’t have to be traditional red berries for the holidays, you can look for other tones, like the deep purple and bright fuchsia variety I’m using. Once you have selected the tones you’re happy with, start placing them within the groupings you’ve currently made.

Step Four: Glue Everything to the Base
Keep adding decorative elements until you are happy with the final look of your wreath. Take a step back to admire your handywork, heat up the glue gun and start securing your decorations. However, in order to do this properly you are going to need to take everything off your wreath first. Pro tip: take a photo before you remove everything so you can remember where it’s all supposed to go. For this step, I suggest using more glue than you probably think you need to ensure it is definitely going to stick. Depending on your base, a lot of the glue can fall through the cracks of the sticks. So, the more the merrier when it comes to glue.

What’s fun about this project is you could have three people working with the exact same wreath bases, decorations and tools and you’ll probably end up with three entirely different designs. It’s all about personal preference and creativity.

Step Five: The Hang Test
Once you’re done securing everything to the base, stand your wreath up vertically to make sure nothing falls off. Now that the wreath is on your front door, it will tell everyone that the residents of this home are a happy bunch! So grab your decorations, greens and hot glue gun and start creating some holiday magic for all to see.

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