DIY Snow Globes with Sabrina Smelko

These custom DIY snow globes are great for the holidays and super easy to make with the kids!

So, how do we make snow globes without the water? Well, you can use anything that has a lid – a vessel or any other kind of canister or jar you have around the house. Lanterns could also work and are relatively easy to come by this time of year. I, however, am making one using a cake plate (with a lid).

What you’ll need for this project is a variety of little figurines and decorations. You can use anything you have on hand to put inside of the snow globe to achieve your ultimate holiday look! If you’re feeling adventurous you can even add a few more steps to make your own creative decor, like little pine trees!

Here’s what you’ll need for your snow globes:

  • Vessel (cake plate, lantern, cloche etc.)
  • Holiday figurines
  • Model trees
  • Pom-poms
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Yarn
  • Modelling snow
  • Spray glue
  • White sand
  • Beads
  • Glitter
  • Bells
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step One: Prep your Enclosure
To start, grab what will ultimately become your snow globe – in my case, it’s the cake plate – and place it on the table in front of you. Remove the lid and set it aside in a safe place until you need it again.

Step Two: Pre-Plan Your Scene
Before you jump into hot gluing, it’s important that you pre-plan what you want your scene to look like, because once these pieces are hot glued in place, they aren’t going anywhere. When deciding on the placement of all of your pieces and decorations, consider how tall your lid is to ensure you can close it properly.

Step Three: Glue Gun Time
Once you’re satisfied with the general layout, you can start gluing. Don’t worry about putting on too much glue or making a mess – the base will be covered in faux snow. Now that everything is in place, take a step back to admire your handywork. Make sure to look for any glue-gun strings that need to be removed – this is important for the next step.

Step Four: Let it Snow
Now for the fun part – creating the snow! We are going to use white sand to make this effect. You can also use modelling snow that you can find at your local craft store. Pour the sand over top of your scene, filling in all of the nooks and crannies of the base to create a thin and even dusting of snow across the land.

It is important to pick a vessel that has a lip around the edge so that you don’t have to secure the snow to the base. It will be able to sit within the plate freely. However, if your vessel doesn’t have a lip, you can add a coat of spray glue to the base before you pour the snow. Clean off any excess snow if it ended up on the wrong side of the lip.

Step Five: Decorate the Lid
The fun isn’t over yet, because you still have your snow globe lid to decorate. I am using a string of beads and a few pom-poms to make a simple topper.

And there you have it! A completely custom made DIY snow globe that’s not only a fun activity to make yourself, or with the kids, but a beautiful decoration for the holidays that you can use in your home for years to come.

See Sabrina demonstrate this DIY project in this video.

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