DIY Wrapping Paper with Tiffany Pratt

When it comes to wrapping holiday gifts, I love using items that I have lying around the house that I can paint to look better. And let’s face it, a fresh coat of paint makes everything better!

The two things I always have around the house are paintable white wallpaper and, of course, newspaper. But if you have neither of these things, any sort of craft or magazine paper will work as well. It’s really about using what you have and not having to go out and spend a ton of money.

These materials have so much potential to become the most magical-looking wrapping paper ever! Here’s what need to create some fun DIY wrapping paper to bring with you to the party:

  • Acrylic paint (water-based for a speedy dry time)
  • Fun stencils
  • Foam and angled paint brushes
  • Bowl of water
  • Embossed wallpaper or newspaper (or whatever you have lying around the house that you can paint)
  • Gift tag (to personalize the gift)

Step One: Wrap Your Gift

One thing I recommend is to always wrap the present first, before you start painting. That way, you won’t end up having to paint the entire sheet of paper – you only stencil or paint the parts that you actually need. When wrapping the paper, feel free to use colourful or metallic tape to add another fun dimension to the present. And remember, your edges don’t need to be perfect, just have fun with it – it’s the holidays, after all!

Step Two: Paint Your Paper

Let’s tackle the embossed paintable wallpaper first. Since it has a ton of cool geometric shapes to it, I want to start by painting these shapes in to highlight certain areas of the paper. You’re going to want to use the angled paint brush for this, so that you’re able to recreate all those neat shapes with ease.

When you’re done with your first few strokes, switch up the paint colours to create your own unique hand-painted wrapping. Paint within the lines, or outside the lines. Let it take you wherever your creative heart wants to go. There is no wrong way to do this.

Step Three: Stencil Time

Now, let’s move on to the newspaper – my favourite! Grab the stencils and start applying your paint using a foam paint brush for an even, thin coat of paint. I started with a larger stencil first to get a good foundation. Then, by layering different sizes and shapes, you can create a magical pattern. You can even personalize the paper by using lettered stencils and paint on the initials of the person receiving the gift.

Step Four: Tag and Sign

Lastly, add an oversized gift tag, let it dry and you are ready to party!

There you have it, four simple steps to create magical wrapping paper from items you already have around your house! All you need is a little paint, imagination, love and time. So paint your papers and enjoy! Happy Holidays to the people!

Watch the video of Tiffany creating this personalized DIY gift wrapping.

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