How to make a DIY Plaid Accent Wall

Whoever wins this year’s amazing lakeside house on Home to Win can be sure of one thing: they won’t be short of beautiful feature walls in their space. Between the gorgeous board and baton, shiplap textures and fireplace features present throughout, this home is full of top-notch accents.

One of our favourites though is by far one of the simplest. In order to help make the home office (located at the base of the basement stairs) truly stand out, designer Sarah Keenleyside crafted an original and fun plaid wall using just a few simple tools.

It’s a great way to utilize paint and play with colours, all while creating a rich and textured look. Here’s how you can achieve the same look in your own home.


  • Paint in three different (but matching) shades
  • Small paint brush
  • Paint roller
  • Painter’s tape
  • A laser level

What you do:

  1. Paint the entire wall the darkest of the three shades and let it dry
  2. Measure out the wall to figure out how many squares make sense in the space
  3. Using a laser level, tape off the first set of squares
  4. Paint alternating squares in your mid-tone shade and let it dry
  5. Remove tape
  6. Using the laser level, tape off the second set of squares
  7. Paint the remaining squares in your lightest shade and let it dry
  8. Remove the tape and step back to admire your gorgeous new wall

Pro tips:

  • Larger squares allow for a simpler, more muted look while smaller squares are more intricate and busy-looking.
  • Make sure you allow the paint to properly dry before removing the tape, otherwise your colours could run.
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