How to Make DIY Rope Ottomans

We love the rustic look of rope ottomans, but we’ll admit that we also really dislike the high price tags that are typically attached to such pieces. Luckily Tiffany Pratt has the perfect solution: do-it-yourself tire ottomans.

The designer put her DIY skills to good use during the Home to Win’s living room makeover, when she teamed with builder Paul Lafrance to give the dream Lake House space a while new look. That included a couple of these beautiful pieces, which definitely look like they were handcrafted in some high-end studio and not in the home’s brand new garage.

Here’s how to make your own.


  • Rope (any size will do)
  • An old tire
  • MDF cut into a circle that fits on top of the tire
  • Hot glue and a hot glue gun
  • Screws
  • A drill
  • Patience

What you do:

  1. Pop the piece of circular MDF onto the top of the tire and pre-drill holes.
  2. Fasten long screws to hold the MDF in place to the tire.
  3. Dollop some hot glue into the centre of the board and place one end of your rope on it. Working outwards, weave the rope in a circular shape.
  4. Be liberal with the glue as you turn the rope, securing it as you go.
  5. Once you get to the end, cut the rope and glue the other end piece in place.
  6. Rest your feet on your new ottoman–they’ll be tired after all that weaving!

Pro tips:

  • If you want an easier project to start pick a thick rope as it will take less time. If you’re going for a more intricate look then select a thinner rope.
  • If it feels like it’s a slow-going, that’s because these ottomans are a bit of work. But the final result is totally worth it. “Have some faith and enjoy the process,” Tiffany promises.
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