The Best Calming Colours for your Spa Bathroom

Creating a spa-like bathroom retreat is simple if you know a few tricks. Great tiles, fabulous tubs and soft textiles are excellent finishing touches. But it all starts with paint. Calming colours and soft shades can set the tone for a spa-like experience, and Benjamin Moore has the perfect palette to choose from.

Colour theory abounds with ideas about why certain colours have certain effects. You might’ve heard that red can make you hungry and that yellow makes babies cry. While, other colours have interesting effects on your mood and outlook, they can even be therapeutic.

So how do you apply colour theory to your bathroom? It just takes a little know how and a few brushes and you’ll be on your way to a spa retreat in your own home.

“Classic shades in soft neutrals help transform your mood from tense to tranquil.”

Benefit from Balance

Neutrals and naturals bring the outdoors in for that calming feeling. Wood accessories and earthy naturals trigger a restful state to calm your mind and prepare you for true relaxation. Try Benjamin Moore Guilford Green (HC-116) to bring the look home. Green is harmonious, balancing, refreshing and restorative so it’s perfect for your retreat.

Soft Serenity

Classic shades in soft neutrals help transform your mood from tense to tranquil. Benjamin Moore Pink Damask (OC-72) is a soft pink that works as a neutral, with all the calming benefits the shade has to offer. Pink induces tranquility, especially in your body, while being a soothing source of warmth. Perfect for bath-time rituals.

Cool and Calm

Blue has a reputation for being calming and cooling, and it’s completely earned. Soft blues inspire reflection to calm a busy mind and enhance your feelings of serenity. Try Benjamin Moore Blue Hydrangea (2062-60) and Patriotic White (2135-70), which has hints of blue, for a combination that’s spa ready. More saturated hues, like Benjamin Moore Blue Daisy (2062-40) and Blue Danube (2062-30) can have the same effect, so don’t be afraid to go bold if you want to.

As you can see, a little colour 1-2-3 and you’re well on your way to the soothing retreat of your dreams. Then you can start playing around with fixtures and textiles. Don’t forget the bubble bath and candles!

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