This Week on Home to Win: Earning the Baeumler Stamp of Approval

Episode six saw the Home to Win stars connect with their inner children! Here, Colin recaps the kid's bedroom and playroom makeovers, plus an epic challenge that separated the boys from the men!

Whoever decided that four grown-children should be in charge of the kids’ spots most certainly had their Wheaties that morning. What an opportunity to put our daydreaming inner children to work, and what better way to reunite with our inner kid than to hit the slopes with some saucer sleds and act like we don’t have bills to pay!

While Sebastian had his work laid out for him and Jo was sourcing a window, Tiffany and I became a strong team. She was getting her hands dirty and I was getting a little design freedom to build something from my very own childhood wish list. But as in any equal relationship, it means give and take and in this case, that meant Tiffany getting hold of the keys for the Toyota Tundra and taking us for a legitimately scary joyride. That was the moment I knew we would be best friends forever.

“We’ll do it… But only for the love of the children…”

Sebastian’s inner child was patient yet fair. He was super stoked to get to it, but it took his full offense to get Jo to help. Jo is super talented in the office. For example, she designed and produced the awesome light fixture in their space. However, physical work isn’t her cup of tea. Sebastian nearly pushed her to the brink during the challenge this episode, but she pulled through in the end. I think Tiffany was too scared of Jo to even think about winning!

Thanks to Sebastian’s muscles, he was able to defeat the concrete wall, earning the window a large opening and the basement room a main floor feeling. The new egress window was a game changer for this basement. Jo’s carefully crafted design made perfect use of the new, modern creative zone.

When Bryan Baeumler popped in to give me a hand, I was truly excited. I think he was a little nervous of how outside of the box our plan was. But it didn’t take much to get his inner kid on board. For a minute there I thought he was going to pull a “Jo Alcorn” and dodge the work but he got right in there and threw down some “get ‘er done.” #BaeumlerApproved

Although the two rooms in this episode are, in a way, polar opposites, at the same time they hopefully will convey a message to the kids that get to enjoy them. For Sebastian and Jo’s kids’ zone I see it saying that you can break the rules. With added light, you can have a black ceiling, you can write on the chalkboard wall, you can build stuff and draw and paint here. It’s a space where kids can be imaginative and creative!

For the bedroom I worked on with Tiffany, we wanted it to have more value than dollars and cents. I hope that the imperfect nature of the tree bed, the history of the barn boards, the hand stenciled walls and Tiffany’s recycled red toys remind kids of what is really important. It’s so easy these days to be distracted with materialism and lose sight of true value. The main ingredient in this bedroom is love. Hopefully whoever sleeps there will feel the laughing and creativity we put in, and most importantly keep their daydreams alive!

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