This Week on Home to Win: Introducing the Country Estate

Danielle Bryk dishes on the newly renamed library and tapping in to her competitive side for the very first challenge.

Sam, Rob, Colin and I were the first to start work on the Home to Win house – no pressure!

I had worked with Rob before (so I knew what to expect!) but this was really my first time meeting Sam and Colin. I was feeling a little shy, but very quickly realized that Sam and I had this kinship and Colin was just a sweet heart – and totally agreeable, if initially hesitant about some of my design decisions.

“We decided to call it the ‘library’ to play up the ‘country estate’ angle.”

When Sangita told us we were assigned to the office, we were both a little bummed, because “office” sounds so drab. When we saw the view from our room though, all of that went away. We had this stunning little gem that looked out onto the most gorgeous landscape. We decided to call it the “library” to play up the “country estate” angle.

Never a Dull Moment: Day one and Sam had to go to the hospital. One designer down. Rob guilted Colin and I into helping him demolish the bathroom. I honestly have never seen anyone do demolition like Colin did!

The Challenge: I joke that this show changed my life, but there’s a little bit of truth to it. I have never been a competitive person, but somehow, when Sangita announced this challenge and brought us out to the start line, I had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to win. I’m not going to spoil it if you haven’t watched the episode yet, but let’s just say: this was the day my competitive spirit was born.

This was my first episode on Home to Win and my first show working with co-hosts and I absolutely loved it. We spent most of the time laughing and the rest of the time designing and creating an incredible space for one viewer to win! I just know they are going to love it.

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