This Week on Home to Win: Joey Dishes on Building and Baking

When a surprise visit from Food Network Canada's Roger Mooking throws this week's challenge on its head, Joey and the stars have to rethink everything they know about construction. Read on for Joey's take on the competition, and the two major renovations on this week's Home to Win.

I was really looking forward to working with Tommy on this project. I’ve only ever worked on projects designed by Paul Lafrance. The opportunity to build a Tommy Smythe-designed great room had me very excited and nervous, but I was up to the challenge!

Tommy has a great eye for design. He threw a ton of information at me during our design consultation. There was lots of work to be done to transform that “subpar room” into a “great room.”

“I’m now convinced that between me and Tommy, we could sell just about anything to anyone. That was a true David versus Goliath story.”

We couldn’t help but notice that whoever worked on the master bathroom decided to steal the space that our fireplace was using for venting. That meant Tommy had to come up with a creative solution for having a large chimney breast run all the way up the face of our wall. I was actually quite surprised that Tommy was so quick to let Rob off the hook. I guess my spicy little partner has a soft spot after all.

I think the thing I was looking forward to most was participating in a challenge. I’ve always wanted to be on a challenge based reality TV show. I figured this was finally going to be my chance to put my spectacular athletic abilities and physical prowess on display for the world. Little did I know I would be participating in a bake off against Canada’s Martha Stuart. I don’t think the cameras really showed how much chaos was going on in there. In the end it all came down to salesmanship. I’m now convinced that between me and Tommy, we could sell just about anything to anyone. That was a true David versus Goliath story. Never count out the little guys, even if it really doesn’t look like they can win!

Somewhere amidst all the crazy schedules, I wound up doing the majority of the construction work on the two biggest renos in the house. Thankfully a few of the other hosts stepped up and lent a hand. Otherwise, that could have been a little dicey to say the least.

Both renovations were a complete success! The whole experience is something that I will cherish for a long time. I’m now very excited to watch three fierce Canadians battle it out, to try and win this masterpiece of a home!

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