This Week on Home to Win: Paul Lafrance Bares His Soul

Paul Lafrance and the Episode 8 Home to Win crew let emotions run wild between demos and design. Read up on all the soul searching and lunchtime "sessions" in this week's recap.

Let’s cut right to the chase…I’m a bit of an unusual cat. For anyone who knows me, that’s like saying “water is wet.” Some things are just obvious. What isn’t obvious for most people is that I have been an interior designer and renovator for as long as I’ve been transforming outdoor spaces. This is part of what I do, however, it can be overlooked rather easily when everyone calls you “The Deck Guy.” Not that I’m sensitive about being typecast or anything. Not at all! Why? What have you heard?


Let’s just say I was rather excited about being able to take on one of the bathrooms on Home to Win. When I was told that I would be working with my good friend Danielle Bryk, I thought, “Hmm . . . two strong-willed designers in a cramped space? This is going to be very interesting.” So yes, we had a few differences of opinion . . . some legit, and some just because I got a kick out of getting a rise out of her (she’s so wonderfully gullible). At the end of the day we were both very pleased with our Zen-like bathroom even though we both had to practice the art of compromise. Piece-of-cake.

We covered greatest fears, failures, relationships, right down to the meaning of life!

The real fun, however, took place behind the scenes. Being paired with Tiffany Pratt and Mike Holmes Jr. on this episode made for a smorgasbord of the deep and the ridiculous. Let’s just say that I’m not really one to talk about the weather. If I’m not immersed in sarcastic banter, then I’m likely to be prying into somebody’s soul. I’m used to being the catalyst for these types of deep conversations in any given situation,  but not with this group! My first day on set I was almost an hour late after dealing with a hormonal emergency with one of my four daughters, and then missing the exit off the highway to the Home to Win house. Let’s just say I wasn’t my usual chipper self.

Enter Tiffany Pratt.

The moment I walked into the room, she took one look at me and said, “Oh no, we can’t have this!” She then gave me a huge bear hug fuelled by rainbow power, pixie dust, or whatever mystical force the Care Bears tap into, and I was instantly relaxed. This started a behind-the-scenes trend where every lunch hour, Danielle, Tiffany, Mike Junior, or myself, would be put in the hot seat, while the other three would ask the questions no one usually asks. We covered greatest fears, failures, relationships, right down to the meaning of life! There were more than a few tears shed and members of the crew began sitting in during our lunchtime “sessions.” We all learned a few things about ourselves and became instantly bonded as close friends in the process. It felt like camp as a kid!

It was amazing to us all how most people have these powerful life stories that people never get to hear. Yes, even HGTV Canada celebrities. *wink*

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