This Week On Home to Win: Wheeling, Dealing and Designing

Jo Alcorn dishes on sauna wars, the art of negotiating and her competitive side!

With the master bathroom and library complete, the second group of builders and designers were onsite to tackle their spaces. Mike Homes Jr. and Mia Parres embarked on the garage. Dave Kenny and I got the master bedroom, which was a huge honour and a bit nerve racking at the same time. Kitchens, baths and master bedrooms are usually a big make or break when buying a home. This was also the first time I was meeting a lot of the HGTV superstars, so I wanted to make sure I left a lasting impression for them as well as create a master bedroom dream space for the winner of the house.

” Who in their right mind would have a hot steamy cedar box in the middle of their master bedroom? Not in this Home to Win, it had to go!”

I had never worked with Dave Kenny before, though I have worked with his brother and dad, and I am sure they warned him that I can be a bit bossy and it’s easiest  to go with the flow around me. However, I like to say I just know what I want and I am not afraid to express it. Not to mention, sarcasm is my middle name.

Thankfully Dave and I were on the same page right out of the gate, except for the sauna decision. I was set on removing it and he wanted to keep it. Who in their right mind would have a hot steamy cedar box in the middle of their master bedroom? Not in this Home to Win, it had to go!

I don’t do demo and there was a lot of demo in the room, so I came up with an ingenious plan that worked out in everyone’s favour and I come out a hero for it. We all had more fun because of it! I offered Dave to Mia to help Mike out with the garage demo. In return, Mike would help Dave out with our demo. Mia and I both got out of wrecking our nails and the boys had way too much fun destroying things together.

We were all having fun until Sangita came to tell us about the challenge, a three-legged race where we would have to search the entire property for the pieces to make a box, and we could only use one of our arms to boot! I am a highly competitive person so I told Dave we had to win this no matter what. I gave him lead on this assignment, because I thought if we were both giving direction we wouldn’t get anything done. Plus he knows how to work the tools, I do not! My frustration and competitive nature took over but it wasn’t enough to get us the win. Thankfully we avoided some yard work when a thunder storm rolled in.

Our episode could have been an entire show on its own, as there were so many funny moments and behind-the-scenes antics, it truly was a blast working with Dave, Mia and Mike on Home to Win!

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